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Since our inception, Gem Solutions Ltd. has been totally focused on building a quality enhancement, cleaning & lapidary service and dependable
office solutions to the gemstone industry.

Gem Solutions Ltd. is a company with decades of knowledge and experience specialise in offering service solutions to the gemstone industry. The core product is gemology, enhacement, cleaning & lapidary.


We offer all necessary services and facilities needed to market your gemstone without the need of maintaining an actual office in Hong Kong & Mainland China.


Michael Golansky

Founder & Managing Director for Gem Solutions Ltd.

Graduate Gemologist

At the age of 21, Michael embarked on his journey in the gem industry. Following the completion of an intensive gemological course, his fascination with gem production grew. Opting to specialize as a gem cutter, he dedicated up to 12 hours a day to assorting and polishing white diamonds in Israel, under the tutelage of a master cutter boasting over 40 years of experience.

Three years later, driven by a desire for deeper insight into global markets, Michael relocated to New York. Travelling extensively throughout America, he engaged in sales, marketing, and the organization of international jewelry and gem fairs. Over the span of six years in New York, Michael broadened his expertise in fancy color diamonds, colorless diamonds, and world market prices, while collaborating with leading manufacturing companies from Israel and India.

Maintaining his curiosity for manufacturing, Michael encountered a seasoned expert with generational experience and a doctorate in gemstones. This mentor guided him through the intricacies of color stones, fostering a mentorship that endures to this day.

As the pandemic unfolded, Michael immersed himself in laboratory research, tirelessly experimenting with various methods, fillers, cutting techniques, and polishing in a quest for perfecting the art of emeralds. It was during this time that Gem Solutions was conceived, born from Michael's relentless pursuit of excellence in the gemstone industry.

Joy Man

Research Director for Gem Solutions Ltd.

BSc (Hons) Chemical Science,  MRes Advanced Materials Engineering

Joy graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Chemical Science, continuing her academic journey to achieve a Master of Research degree with commendations in Advanced Material Engineering. Throughout her studies and research endeavors, she acquired extensive expertise in wet chemical technique handling, infrared spectroscopy (IR), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), chromatography, drop shape analysis (DSA), and microscopy.

Prior to her role as Research Director at Gem Solutions Ltd., Joy held a position at the German TÜV in Hong Kong, a globally recognized authority in product safety and quality certification. This experience provided her with invaluable insights and skills relevant to her current role.

Joy's current focus lies in researching and experimenting with the relationship between fillers and their chemical reactions, a task that aligns perfectly with her expertise and interests. Alongside her research pursuits, she possesses the essential skills required to effectively serve the gemstone industry.

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