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Gem Solutions provides an extensive range of services catering to both industry and non-industry clients. Our services encompass gemstone enhancements, professional removal of treatment, obtaining third-party reports, and consultation. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch services to ensure utmost of our clients.


The Permanent Enhancement Service

We fill the stone(s) with the state of the art machinery and the correct technique to achieve optimum appearance.

Gem Solutions - BEFORE & AFTER palm oil

The Removal of filler & "Re-oiling" Service

This involves proper professional cleaning to remove residual oil/filler before applying new filler.


The Removal of filler & Achieving Third-party Reports

This involves professional removal of fillers, applying new filler if necessary to achieve the desired grade.


Consultation Service

Our gemstone consultation service provides expert sourcing, selling, and professional advice to help clients navigate the complexities of the gemstone market effectively.

Our Services:

Emerald Enhancement & Professional Treatment Removal

We offer different types of emerald enhancements with prior professional cleaning.


The first step in our system is that we perform thorough assessment of each stones, such as possible damages/breakages, possible change in beauty & where etc. Then we will communicate this information with the client as a consultation.

Research and results backed professional cleaning with care as the initial step is recommended in order to achieve the best enhancement for the stones.

Different types of enhancements are available depending on the stones' condition, such as cedar wood oil, other natural oil, palm oil, other resins.

The Office Solution

We can facilitate most tasks necessary to maintain a skeleton gem trade office in Hong Kong & Mainland China, eliminating costly overheads of maintaining a local representative and office. Vault storage with coverage, import & export of items, logistics such as organising international shipments & local deliveries are amongst services offered. 

The Sales Solution

We can facilitate bringing your gemstones to market. Through its extensive local network of dealers, brokers and jewellers in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas to leverage off, selling your gemstones to new markets is now possible. 

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